Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
Guided Fly Fishing with Capt. Eliot

Monday, June 8, 2009

Lings in the Spring

I went out with Kreg Strickland and his brother for solitary and illusive Rock Bass with the chance of getting some Lings. It was an awesome day that super seeded expectations, as we hooked a small Halibut, Vermilion, Cabezon, Kelp Greenling, Ling Cod, and yes Rockbass.

When we took his 21ft. Dory boat out past the Bandon jetty we could see herds of Rock Bass feeding on the surface. Kreg used homemade plugs on an ultralight trout rod and I used poppers on my fly rod. It wasn't long before we had limits for all three of us, and than it was on to bigger and better fish.

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