Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
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Monday, November 2, 2009

Coastal Fly Fishing for Fall Salmon

The Summary for fall '09 goes as follows: It was a great year for overall numbers of salmon. Having said that there were very few Chinook. I would say that I only hooked 10 Kings out of 200 fish. Most fish hooked were wild Coho's with the exception of one Chum which was fairly fresh and gave a better tussle than the average Silver.

There was increased pressure on our spot this year despite dropping the rod as cars passed. Too many people saw the proof and I know the area was fished thoroughly even on days where we weren't there. It didn't seem to matter in the numbers of fish hooked, but it did push salmon up under the brush where it maid it virtually impossible to show them the fly.

Alsea Chinnok that fell for the red bead.

The Sickness with a Chrome Coho that was caught on his own chartruse creation.

Oly with a dandy that came just before nightfall bringing the days count to 70+ fish hooked!

Tidewater chinook from the Nushagak

1 comment:

Prep Fishing Club said...

Hey Eliot,

Looks like your travels have been treating you well! Great fish pics.

Hope your East Coast tour was fun. You caught pretty much the last gasp of season around these parts. I had a couple of OK outings after I bumped into you on the beach. The fall run never really came together as it has in years past (at least not along the shores of PI). There are still plenty of BFT's around, but weather, wind, and waves have made it difficult for smaller boats to get out there.

Drop me a line when you are in town, especially late May through June. We'll try to get you into some big girls.