Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
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Monday, January 11, 2010

Let the Winter games begin...

I got back from Florida early Thursday morning. The continuous cold fronts had made fishing difficult for the second half of my trip. I was stoked to get back to Eugene because I knew winter steelheading had begun. Fish were moving into the systems throughout December and with the high water in early January I knew it was time to find'em. Jeff and I made a half day scouting trip to the Siuslaw where we both hooked up and landed some beauties.

I managed to fish the whole week (because my girlfriend was out of town) and did better than expected. I had hooked 27 fish and landed 15 which was enough to feed an entire frat house as well as fill my freezer with springer bait. Most fish were quite chrome and gave excellent battles. None were natives, although I did here of some caught.

Last Friday, Myself and three buddies traveled to Newport to do some night time fly fishing for the solitary and elusive Black Rock Bass. The seas were rough and the fishing was slower than anticipated, but we still managed to get 8 nice fish on ice. After eating too many hatchery steelhead, rock bass are a much needed improvement. There meat is white and is perfect for fish tacos or whatever else you can dream up. This is also a nice species to fish for in the depths of winter because it allows you to strip flies and make long casts which reminds me of striper fishing back in New England.

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