Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
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Friday, March 9, 2012

Beulah Platinum 6wt Switch

Marv put the Beulah Switch 6wt Platinum series to good use on the Siuslaw River.  This is hands down my favorite steelhead rod.  It is super fast and ultra light, which makes wielding it on an 8hr Winter Steelhead float, highly enjoyable.  The other attribute to this Switch Rod, is that it is 8 inches shorter than other rods in its class.  This makes it a terrific rod for the boat, and a good caster can still use it for all bank applications.  A novice caster will appreciate its crisp action and ultimately progress faster throughout the day because of its casting ease.  Fatigue is the single most detrimental thing that creeps into people's casting, with this rod that is a non-issue.

The Beulah Platinum 6wt Switchy can tackle steelhead of all sizes, but thrives on whooping fish in the "10lbs or less" range.  There are exceptions to this of course.... Earlier this winter Jason landed a big Umpqua Native that was pushing the upper teens (featured below under Slabbage Patch Kids)  Ron also landed a big 14lb native with the same rod.

All of these features make it the Go-To rod for so many different scenarios.  It would be my primary summer steelhead rod, and I would also use it for Big Alaskan Rainbows.  Whether it be single hand casting with dries,  indicator fishing, or two handed spey casting with sink tips this rod covers all the bases!

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