Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
Guided Fly Fishing with Capt. Eliot

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Springtime in BCS

Tony & Lee's house in Todos Santos, BCS.  This is where we have spent the majority of our time this spring.  The Pacific ocean is less then 2 mi away!  Mornings are filled with quiet winds and temps in the low 70's 

Kate and I posing at El Mirador (7min from house) with Punto Lobos in the background
The west coast has some great species meandering up and down the coast, but they are out of reach with a fly rod.  Even with my Gloomis surf rod and Shimano Saragossa, it is a struggle to reach fish swimming out past the breaking waves.  Every morning yields a few fish, but you put in the casts searching for them.  

Marcos loves Shimano gear and is the man when it comes to finding the fish!  He operates a 21' Panga with a Honda 50hp motor.  It's fast enough, and sips gas which is perfect for long distance excursions. 
Kate and the start to her SLAM!  A rooster, skip jacks, jack crevalle's, Dorado's, and a Sierra Mackerel all on one Bone Jumping minnow - She crushed it!
I've been fishing a Gloomis NRX 11wt and Scientific Angler Streamer Xpress 400gr. intermediate line which has been the ticket for all species.  Matched with a Hatch 9+ reel, this setup has the capacity to whoop on most species.  This skip jack was one of many.. There were a few Yellowfin mixed in, but the skippy's dominated the scene.  

We found packs of Dorito's and they would chase anything you through in the water!

Sierra Mackerel

Mako Shark

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