Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures

Greasy Beaks Fishing Adventures
Guided Fly Fishing with Capt. Eliot

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Been a long time!

I figure in the world of Insta and Facespace it might be cool to just start posting here again! It looks like the last photo dump I did was back in 2019.  Not much has changed, still fishing a lot - with a more predictable lifestyle & season.  I'll start with the most recent from July 2021 in Ipswich Bay.  The striped bass fishing is in full force with big fish around, and schoolies still clinging to their river & estuary residences.  The fly rodding has been awesome this spring - with an array of fish coming on stripped baitfish patterns, shrimp flies in the sand, and topwater gurglers.  

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